Monday, January 3, 2011

About Arian Lev

Arian Lev, (35) was born in Haifa and has a B.A. in social sciences from Haifa University. Arian specializes in a variety of holistic treatment methods:
Guided imagination, reincarnation reconstruction, Reiki, Healing and specializes in business consultancy.
Arian is known for her ESP abilities which enable her to see the inside of a person and diagnose the emotional and physical barriers that stop him from fully realizing his potential. With the assistance of this rare diagnostic ability, she succeeds in finding the right way for each person to achieve freedom and complete self-fulfillment.
Arian Lev developed the method for re-programming the subconscious after experiencing a serious crisis and as the result of her own life's experience which included much pain and coping with problems. For 15 years, Arian fought against bulimia. While she was struggling with her own private pain and eating disorder, she searched for a solution and a path that would help her save her life.
Arian felt that she was not in control of her life and that she was losing her way in a chase after nothing.
After a divorce from a successful doctor and leaving a management position with an international company, she realized her goal in life. Arian left everything behind her and began her journey. She started studying – psychology courses, alternative medicine, healing, reincarnation, guided imagination, Reiki Master, and others, and as the result of her studies and life experiences, she began to flourish. Arian's personal growth came out of her pain. And so did her enlightenment and understanding.
Following what she had been through, Arian had a strong desire to give – to pass on the knowledge she had acquired to as many people as possible so as to enrich their world and help them to generate change in their lives.
So over the last 10 years she developed and created
The Arian Lev Method of reprogramming the subconscious.
This method is unique. It has been published in Israel and worldwide. This method provides very powerful tools for people who are exposed and open to the immense power of the subconscious. 
This is a striking concept that allows fast access to the subconscious, touches the point in the brain that is the root of all negative beliefs, and enables its reprogramming.
It leads to a tremendous change in all areas of life.
Arian owns and runs a holistic self-fulfillment center in Israel.  Among her clients are MP’s, artists, businessmen and others. “Every client is a whole world, from my point of view”, she says, “and I will do everything to enable him to live his life to the fullest”.
Arian has appeared in the media as an expert in her field. She has also written columns in several newspapers on the subject of Subconscious.
Arian was awarded the title of “Businesswoman of the year” for 2006, by “Haaretz” newspaper and the organization of W.T.B (Women, Technology & Business) – as a successful businesswoman in the area of holistic treatment and self-fulfillment.
In 2007, she was voted one of the 10 people of the year by Ma'ariv, Israel main newspaper, in the field of alternative medicine.
Arian, conducts workshops on a variety topics that deal with reprogramming the subconscious for living the optimal life, and getting from live the maximum it can give. In her workshops, Arian offers useful and powerful tools that enable her people to change their lives completely. 
Her special abilities lead those who come to her to a world of emotional, magical and deeply meaningful experiences.

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